What the World Needs Now

(Official Music Video) Love, Peace and a Smile are included in this timeless song of hope by brothers Shortcut Sunny and Matt Johnson.

“Feel Good Music…”


Recording Information and Credits

Title: What the World Needs Now Artists: Matt Johnson, Shortcut Sunny • Composer: Burt F. Bacharach • Lyricist: Hal David Arranged, Recorded and Mixed: ~ Matt Johnson @ Dolce & Nuit Productions, and ~ Shortcut Sunny @ January 18 Studios Mastered: Brian Lipski at The SoundLAB Musicians: ~ Shortcut Sunny, vocals ~ Matt Johnson, piano ~ Andrew Toy, drums/percussion ~ Christopher Brown, acoustic bass Duration: 3:39 Released: July, 2022 UPC: 045011025185 ISRC: USUX32202518

Album Review: What the World Needs Now Matt Johnson, Shortcut Sunny 2022 / Dolce & Nuit Productions 4 minutes Review by Kathy Parsons/www.MainlyPiano.com Brothers Matt Johnson and Shortcut Sunny have created a brand new arrangement of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David classic from 1965, "What the World Needs Now." Matt did the arranging and plays the piano while Shortcut Sunny provides soulful vocals. Joining the duo are Andrew Toy on drums and percussion and Christopher Brown on acoustic bass. Matt Johnson's music is usually difficult to put into one specific genre, and this arrangement is no exception. Something of a hybrid of jazz, rhythm and blues, and pop, it will appeal to a very broad audience. Bacharach/David created dozens of great songs that have aged really well over the decades, and this updated version of "What the World Needs Now" could be referred to as "Feel Good Music for 2022 (and Beyond)." The companion "Official Music Video" features a montage of symbols of love and peace, which adds an even deeper meaning to this beautiful song. The cover artwork rotated the colors of the Ukrainian flag as a reference to this turbulent time in history, and included heart and peace symbols to signify our need for love and peace. Matt described the single as, "…love, peace and a smile all rolled up together in a timeless song of hope." I couldn't agree more! "What the World Needs Now" is available as a free download on Matt's site and is also available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. The music video is available on YouTube, as well as on Matt's site. Add a little sunshine to your day (or night!) and check this out!

“OMG!! Your version is even better than the original! Great! I've just added your song to my playlist and it will be there for a month, at least!” ~ VTContar - Social Media Blogger "The sound of this song pours like pure water. I would describe this song in terms of brevity and tenderness, and I really liked the timbre of the vocals, specifically that confident vibe in his sound." ~ Daria Ra - Spotify "The song sounds extremely smooth, elegant and mellow. The male vocals are absolutely fantastic and such a perfect fit for the song. The instrumental is extremely well created.” ~ Listen to Global - Spotify "The change in melodies is quite tasteful, and its instrumental arrangement is accomplished and engaging. It's got a bit of jazz vibe going on which the vocals complemented well.” ~ Renforshort - Spotify "I really like the warm and very soft flow of the song, especially because of the buttery smooth vocals and the atmospheric piano. All in all a very cool track…” ~ Picky Magazine - Blogger "This is wonderful! The instrumentals are mesmerizing and the vocal performance is splendid.” ~ Heartbeat - YouTube Channel "What a great job you did with this song! I really love that jazzy/alternative instrumental you produced with the catchy piano melody! It fits great your voice, I have to tell you that the whole vibe of the song reminds me to Michael Bublé music!” ~ Pablo Garma - Spotify “I like the soothing vibe of your record, the instruments take me away and make me feel relaxed. The drums cut well through your mix and have a nice groove that make me want to dance. Vocal lyrics and energy are cool…I love the general vibe of this single….” ~ SLNB - Spotify “…a beautiful song with interesting rhythmic instrumental lines. Everything sounds very beautiful and harmonious. You have a beautiful gentle voice and I like your interesting emotional delivery.” ~ Oleksandr Haidysh - Spotify "Quality keyboards accompanied by light drums. Cool brutal vocals. And overall the song is very well put together and sounds cool." ~ Max Panasiuk - Spotify "Beautiful tune! I liked the gentle vocals, and the track sounds great…” ~ Natalia Do - Spotify "I like the smooth vocal delivery. Great tone. Track has got a nice vibe to it…” ~ Monster Hits Music - Spotify “Solid piano part, great vocal talent and interesting take on a classic track that sounds like it was written today." ~ Loudness - Blogger "Great Burt Bacharach song, such a classic. The change in rhythmic groove is cool. Vocals and whole band sound great." ~ Somos Grandes - Blogger "This is a very good composition! It's a captivating tune, it's permeated with beautiful and sonorous melodic hooks. The vocalist has a very strong and melodic voice, he hooks the listener with his charisma. The soulful and beautiful melody complements the vocals well. I enjoyed listening to your song…” ~ Inna Varenichenko - Spotify "Awesome classic jazz style composition here, love it! Really well done and quite beautiful, congratulations on this one!" ~ Daniel With the Balance - Spotify "Really smooth vocal performance and a cool piano accompaniment which gives off a nice sense of nostalgia!” ~ The Lowdown Magazine - Publication “Appreciated the arrangement of the keys here, and I thought the track had a cool experimental feel to it packed with texture.” ~ City Random - YouTube Channel "I must start with the melody, cause it’s hypnotizing. Masterful instrumental lines created a very rich and colorful sound. The melody is interesting to follow. The voice also attracts attention, as it is very sensual and melodic.” ~ Natasha Koskovetska - Spotify "I think the timbre of the main voice is really interesting and the arrangement is good!” ~ Sunset Mode Music - Spotify “The production and mixing sound flawless…” ~ Wowbombie - Spotify "Beautiful musicianship and vocals here. Clearly talent showcased on this classic song." ~ Matthew V Music - Spotify "I like the jazzy vibes here, super smooth vocals and piano, match well together.” ~ The Daily Dose - YouTube Channel “Great groove of a classic track!” ~ Sahara Rose - Spotify "I like artists that create original covers. Your work is really beautiful…” ~ Inner Peace - Spotify "I really liked your voice, I thought it was beautiful. The rhythm is very calm and fantastic…" ~ Stranger Things with Subtitles - YouTube Channel

"Great classic rendition of a classic song. Soulful lead vocals totally had me hooked. Dynamic live kit drumming backbone grooves. Tender melody lines. Rolling keys. Great playing. Feels like it's own thing. The flow of the track feels fresh. You've made it your own…and I appreciate the artistry here!" ~ Music on the Moon - Spotify "Your song, "What the World Needs Now" is a beautiful work. I have loved your expressive voice, which together with an organic and excellent instrumental accompaniment, is capable of transporting the listener to captivating musical atmosphere." ~ Peaceful Notes - Spotify "Wow, the vocals are stunning! The voice is so melodic, tasty and profound. It immediately attracts attention. I also like the instrumentals - masterful and colorful. The track has an amazing jazzy vibe. It’s a great cover you made.” ~ Natiii - Spotify "This is a fabulous version of this classic tune. I really was into the piano, the warm atmosphere and the jazzy vibes. Honestly it is really good…wish you massive luck with this cool single!" ~ Pep Garcia - Spotify "Incredibly beautiful keyboard playing that complements the vocals beautifully. And the vocals are something, the voice is insanely beautiful. The song has a fresh flow and cool instrumental lines" ~ Anton Panasiuk - Spotify “This is a fab track, a classic sound with stunning vocals and proficient and creative instrumentation. It’s a more full band, swing, jazzy vibe…” ~ Zoe Konez - Spotify "I appreciate the passionate vocal performance! The double bass sounds so good. Well-structured and great production quality!” ~ Andreas Grannes - Spotify "I love the message of the song! So important. Great vocals and production! You are super talented. I really like the song. ❤️" ~ Luisa Gaffga - Spotify "A nice solid interpretation of this all timer with some old school warm jazzy vibes. Tight production and a pretty vocal with a soulful touch.” ~ We All Want Someone To Shout For - Blogger "I liked the chill soothing instrumental line and the mellow vocals here, cool smooth development and balanced sound…" ~ Mmur Music - Spotify "I really feel this one is a nice tune and well produced and mixed…" ~ Vanitas - Spotify "This is a stunning and very different take on the classic…quite grand and splashy…” ~ Jeremy Lim - Spotify “Really liked the piano arrangement, it complemented the vocals really well. Amazing job on the vocal performance…” ~ The Skadoosh - Spotify “Good and unique interpretation of ‘What the World Needs Now.’” Lovely piano, soulful vocals, we like the feel good sound & the positive vibe.” ~ The Sound Of - Spotify "Thank you for the beautiful music. I love the sound of the instruments. Wonderful atmosphere. Cool vocals….” ~ Edd Music - Spotify "You have a sweet and nice voice. The vocal and instrumental arrangements are well developed, executed and produced. You have created an interesting atmosphere…” ~ Visual Atelier 8 - Blogger "A great track. The vibe is unique and creative. The vocals are lively and enjoyable.” ~ Sinusoidal Music - Spotify “Very interesting sound. I really liked the vocal performance, the tone of your voice is amazing. Loved the lyrics as well.” ~ Lazy Frenzy - Spotify "I liked the instrumental part, how it blends in with the piano. You have very cool and gentle vocals. You have a great way of conveying emotion.” ~ Shepelyan - Spotify "Your vocals combined with a variety of musical instruments sound nice and harmonious, and it gives the song a relaxing atmosphere.” ~ Pompey Music - Spotify "Beautiful, passionate vocals. Nice piano playing, good rhythm section.” ~ Tonic Grain - Blogger "The vocal is really good, really nice piano, the percussions are great also very good bass line…” ~ Moonsound - Spotify "This is a really distinctive cover of this song…” ~ CLOUT - Blogger “One of my favorite tracks!" ~ Thrive by Pao - Spotify "…well-produced with a great groovy sound as well as vocals…” ~ Global Money World - Blogger “I like this track so much!!! Your voice and the instruments are amazing…” ~ I See Red - Spotify "The vocals are great…I love the feelings you put in the singing.” ~ Cakes & Eclairs - YouTube Channel

What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic.x • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYBLUajmjLCKNWzH4HTnxRgYr76d6iHF4h7EasbzGZNLJ What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_AUDIO.flac • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmba2K6ro6rvdTDkSvW2EW42kAzdYvdb5AysMWQfEj4aCW What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_AUDIO.mp3 • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmW6RGbdfTCXSkvyx82PJavgwAGDAPXacwComxPEwvVhMP What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_AUDIO.wav • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWs4Makt7Tic3c4GPD9NXeECYFtT5Y2HdivGfic316cXZ What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_Hi-Res AUDIO~24bit/88.2kHz.flac • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYSzfuiN45UEX97GvRkXRTsXhneDnider4B6te3EjytQs What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_Hi-Res AUDIO~24bit/88.2kHz.wav • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmSyJFL3SJW7CEfvnQ8BemWFtjEQAv7TUQcY77C1W5ssNX What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic,ShortcutSunny_COVER ART-large.png • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmNvLo9Ns1Pw4bBPSPVHZmQS3eoQ5UJDjKh28xNgJLEWKX What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic,ShortcutSunny_COVER ART-small.png • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmSAq2UrdtPP4ynypSMxPwVrjR33ND1xVp1PJHKZeBaHDD What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic,ShortcutSunny_COVER ART.png • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmX2bXj2UCfhsWy5UzLNXavNsSNY52YDynFEfvaatMDrzq What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_VIDEO-large.mp4 • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWMhzUetHbwyh855AAMh6kHcKQvDHh5Cj7MqEeekfVWxs What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_VIDEO-medium.mp4 • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmSLcoShvBbNU78zGMMQr2drkHFBsfqDYRXxjdCCAtozdH What the World Needs Now_MattJohnsonMusic, ShortcutSunny_VIDEO-small.mp4 • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmRcvByxMvfJYMM92FC8dcmpRS45UF3N1BmLET3jebxZU3 Public Domain Release_MattJohnsonMusic_DNP.pdf • https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmfDYohhwGcFvdhiNj45jqiPAmfk45U5ht6cSNY7MVAM61 METADATA UPC = 045011025185; UPC (Apple Digital Masters release) = 045011725184 ISWC = T-070.201.472-9; ISRC = USUX32202518; ASCAP Work ID = 896441984; DNP Catalog # = DNP-0122

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